I’ve Got A Feeling!

One of the many things I found interesting and intriguing about sewing is all the items you can make that you can actually use, on a daily basis! Which is really what got me wanting to sew. I mean how cool would it be if someone complimented you on something whether it be something you’re wearing, something you use, or something you have in your home, and instead of most peoples response being “oh I got it at….” (And you probably just sang the “I got it at Ross” jingle, I know I did!) you could say, “oh Thank You! I made it!”. That feeling of pride and accomplishment would just be overwhelming! I feel like too many people have switched their pride in what used to be something people made themselves to “high dollar designers.”. Nowadays, when people hear of high dollar designers, people think, “wow” or their eyes light up, and some of you I know even get giddy about that purse or special pair of jeans. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some of these ” high dollar designer” clothes, and I’ll be honest, a lot of the time, they either don’t fit right, they don’t last long, or my favorite (since I’m a taller chick) you have to get size XL just for something to fit, and I know I’m not an XL! So, I’ve decided to make my own things, so not only can I pick the pattern, how it fits, and if I want some bling on my shiznit, but my eyes will light up once I have that final product, and I will be able to use or wear it with much more pride, than letting someone else take all the credit!

Have you ever made something, for yourself or others, and felt this way?