Some Things Just Don’t Make Sense

While my husband and I were looking into houses that were for sale, we discovered something that just didn’t make sense to us.  Leased land.  At first we thought, if this is what it sounds like, how exactly does that work and why?  So of course we googled it and found this out: there are some properties that you could potentially own the home on, but the land you will never own, because someone else owns’ it.  So what ever you might pay for mortgage, you also have to pay a leasing fee to the owner of the land.  Now this just sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  I mean, the purpose of owning your own home and land is to eventually pay it off and just have property taxes to pay for once the payments are done right?  Or better yet, if you’re really smart, paying cash for it and still only having to pay property taxes on this piece of land.  Why would someone own just the home, and have to continue to make payments to someone else to lease the land.  To us, this is just as bad as renting, because this person that owns the land will more than likely up their lease rate every year since taxes fluctuate.  So other than making someone else money, why wouldn’t you just continue paying rent and then purchase your own home and land together?

If this makes sense to you or if you have or would ever do this please fill me in?!

What If…The Roles Were Reversed?

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So my husband called me today to tell me something he thought I would find funny. And what he proceeded to talk to me about I thought was not only funny, but it definitely got me thinking. My husband is an Account Manger for a large beverage company, so he has his own route and knows what the area looks like and the type of people that typically frequent the area. He informed me, that today at a convention center by one of his accounts, they were having a large business convention today. First thing that popped in my mind since we live in “flashy” southern California, is, “oh there’s probably either a lot of rich people there or a lot of people thinking they’re rich there.” He informed me that there was an abundance of business men in suits pulling up in Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, and so on. I proceeded to roll my eyes. You see, I’m a down to earth, doesn’t hardly wear make-up if ever, almost minimalist type of girl. So whenever I see people trying to flash their money around like they’re some sort of king it pretty much disgusts me. I mean why do you REALLY need a car that costs more than what a lot of people make in a year?! Not to mention the maintenance on a piece of machinery like that costs!

Anyways, back to the story, my husband also informed me that there has suddenly become a shmorgishborg of tightly clothed women in the area all of a sudden…hmmm. Why’s that you ask? Good question I don’t get it either! A lot (not all, I know there’s probably a select few that still have a heart), but most of them are so consumed with themselves and their money, how could you possibly, find that attractive? Then my husband mentioned the really funny part, “what if the roles were reversed?” Here’s the current picture: men all covered up from neck to toe in a suit, socks and shoes, being “business men,” then there’s the women wearing as little as legally possible, trying to “act as if they’re in the same area, at the same time, for something, coincidently.” But here’s the question, what if the women were all dressed from neck to toe in business suits, and the men were wearing as little as legally possible? Would it be looked at the same? And why are there always a large group of women that flock to “business men” like that, hoping and wasting their life trying to get with these guys for their money. If the money is really what these women want, if they spent all the time they waste trying to find that “rich man” on going to school and getting a degree and ACTUALLY using it, they wouldn’t have to whore themselves out, and they could find a real man that will actually love them, and show affection to them, like I’m sure these women, also, want.

I know some people may not agree with me on all of this, but that’s ok! That’s what makes the world go around…I guess. 🙂 But I’m sure there is one thing we can all agree on, is it would be pretty funny to see men trying to flaunt everything if the roles where reversed!

What are your thoughts on seeing things like this?

Change In Scenery

So I knew back when I first started my blog, that it was something I really wanted to do but, I couldn’t put my finger on what I wanted my blog to consist of. I’ve always enjoyed fitness and health, but there’s so many people out there that think their way is “the right way” and well, I’ve just decided my or my families way is what’s right for us! :). Anyways, I still had this passion to write a blog but the question was, about what? What do I enjoy doing? What could I have fun doing every day? What could I teach people about? And then it came to me! Sewing!! I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew. Growing up my grandma and aunt were always sewing some sort of clothing, pillow cases, quilts, and so many other things! I just recently got a part time job at JoAnn Fabrics and my passion for sewing blossomed! Of course the discount is an awesome perk! Who couldn’t deny that?! But the thing that really excites me, is while cashiering, it’s crazy to see all the different projects people get and to hear about everything they make! My first Christmas of making and sewing all the gifts from scratch or by hand, I had an overwhelming, weird, but amazing feeling at the fact that I put something together, sewed it, and now someone will be able to use it! It was the most accomplished and proud feeling I’ve ever had, next to giving birth to my baby boy, but that’s another category! :). So this is what’s got me so amped up about sewing: for one, not as many people know how to sew any more, and I think more people should! Two, there’s no right or wrong way to sew! If you find something that works for you or makes things easier for u, well kudos!! And three, it’s just so fun to be able to make something that you or someone could use! So here’s to the start of my journey from learning how to sew and different tips and tricks! I will try and post some pictures and tutorials to help you either learn with me or how to do things an easier way. Also if you have anything you’d like to see made or have any tips or tricks, please leave them in the comments below so myself and other followers can learn!!:)