Have A Beautiful, Scenic Weekend!

It’s finally FRIDAY!! So my husband and I got our new beach cruisers last night (Thursday) and we are so anxious to go riding for our first time this weekend with them! Not only is this going to be some amazing exercise for us but, this is going to be an awesome start to a new chapter in our life! Think of all the endless possibilities and opportunities riding a bike gives you! You can ride where people can’t drive their cars, and you can see more and cover more area than if you were walking! The best part about this journey is where we live, here in #SoCal! The sun is always shinning and the weather is perfect, and since we can ride up and down the coast of Cali, we’ve even thought about making some camping trips on our bikes. We’ll see how that goes and if it takes place you bet you’ll see it all on here! So for now, we hope you have a great, beautiful, site seeing weekend! Get out and get some fresh air and travel to a city or area you’ve never gone before! Here’s to new beginnings!




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