I Found My Hippie Side This Past Weekend

So this past weekend, my husband, son, and I visited the Newport, Balboa Peninsula.  We had always wanted to rent beach cruisers and just ride around the city, but never had, even though we go there almost every weekend.  Well this past Sunday we did just that, and we are hooked!  I can’t be-lieve we never got beach cruisers and rode around!  The wonderful thing about this area is the Pacific Coast Highway runs along many beaches down here, and there are a ton of bike lines, pretty much every where you go!  So we rode up to Huntington Beach and rode around that little town and then rode back and rode around Newport, Balboa Peninsula. This was probably the most relaxing, fun having time I think I’ve ever had!  Which we’ve now decided, we need to invest in beach cruisers and a little seat for our Peanut Butter to sit in so we can do this every weekend!  We feel so blessed being able to live down here in SoCal, and to be able to go ride bikes every weekend in the beautiful weather we get down here!  My hippie side came out also while riding the bikes, and I loved being able to enjoy the scenery while cruising around and not having to worry about traffic or other cars, and I also like that we weren’t polluting the air by driving around, plus we got some amazing exercise!  I felt like even though it was only for a little bit,(but this will be more often now that we’re hooked! 😉 ) like I helped cut down on air pollutants and some how, some way, that made my heart smile!


2 thoughts on “I Found My Hippie Side This Past Weekend

  1. Riding beach cruisers near the coast left me in a trance some how. I would imagine that riding along the coast and through little beach towns would be fun any time of the day and in any season as well. We need Beach cruisers hahaha

  2. I Love this blog,it really hit home with us,riding our cruisers along the coast and having a picnic at the beach its not only good for you as far as exercise, but the stress release you get from it,all the beautiful scenery of the ocean,people watch and your right Amanda you don’t have to drive on those crazy roads love this article keep it up:)

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