Stay Classy San Diego

So this past weekend, my husband, son and I went to Sea World, and also visited the downtown area of San Diego.  Now I know there are a lot of fans of that city, but I’ve come to the decision of not being a fan of it.  I’m originally from Seattle.  I know what bums are and Seattle definitely has them, but San Diego is another story.  I never thought there could be such a large population of bums in one city.  There was one bum in particular that really stood out to me.  We had stopped to use the public restroom over by a restaurant that serves seafood.

While waiting for my husband, I curiously observed this bum.  He was wearing a large flannel button up jacket that went down to his knees, hadn’t had a hair cut in probably 10 years, and had very long fingernails.  There was one trash can container he kept working at to score something from.  After watching him, he finally popped open the side of the container and was able to pull the actual can out and retrieved a single, plastic soda bottle out of it.  He had to have been attempting to open this container for at least 5 minutes.  And all of that for a plastic bottle (that’s only worth maybe 3-5cents depending on where he would take it for recycling).  As the bum walked away, I noticed him eating out a bag he had also found in the garbage.  I’m assuming, it could have had some sort of seafood in it (since the seafood restaurant was right beside this trash can) and I thought, wow, I can’t imagine having to eat out of a garbage can especially if it had seafood in it.

This is when it all really hit me. I’ve always had a part of my heart that really felt bad for bums.  But there’s another part of my heart that doesn’t feel bad for them at all.  I’m really torn on how to feel about this situation, and am not sure if I’ll ever come to a conclusion.  This being the reason:  If you help out one, they’ll all want help.  And how do you tell if you’re helping the right one?  I remember when I was younger, there was a bum that became a famous millionaire off of pan-handling the streets of Seattle.  If I were to help them all out, I’d end up being one of them.  Also, there are people that dress “down” so to speak to go earn tax free money by doing this.  And I’ll be honest, I don’t want to help those people out.  Or the ones that say they’re veterans…..whew, don’t even get me started on those ones.  Or even better, the “mother’s that have babies, and don’t have food for them.”  There are programs out there!  And then there are also the pan-handlers that believe it or not actually prefer this style of living, or if you tried to help them out, they’d either take it as an insult, or take everything you gave them, and then be right back out on the streets.

So what’s a person supposed to do?  I was raised to ignore them, but when being in a city like this, that’s so full of them, it’s pretty hard to do.


On a lighter note, we had a blast at Sea World!  It was our little Peanut Butter’s first time, and he is obsessed with anything that has to do with the water, so it was a lot of fun to see all the facial expressions when he saw everything!  Here’s some fun pictures!

Peanut Butter was so excited to see the Walrus swimming in the water

Peanut Butter was so excited to see the Walrus swimming in the water


Peanut Butter At Sea World


Peanut Butter was having so much fun playing with the dolphins!

Peanut Butter was having so much fun playing with the dolphins!




2 thoughts on “Stay Classy San Diego

  1. I feel the same exact way.. I try to help by giving them money sometimes but their responses are usually something crazy like do you have any more you can give? haha
    Sometimes they ask “do you have a few bucks so I can get something to eat?” while smoking a cigarette with liquor breath.
    Why not just ask for 20 bucks haha I have a spot in my heart who are not as fortunate as I am but I cant help but to think, what happened in their life.. did they try as hard as I am trying?? Its hard.

  2. I agree in that I don’t often give homeless people money on the street, but we don’t know their circumstances. We don’t know who truly is and isn’t a veteran, who has children, who is trying their best in a losing situation. I would rather support an organization that I know is fighting for people to be able to get back on their feet.

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