Don’t Set Delivery Expectations

No matter how many articles you read and classes you take, you’ll NEVER be prepared for anything that gets thrown at you while you’re in labor. Here are a few things I went through. First, I ended up getting Cervidil (a pill they insert to help you dialate) because I was so uncomfortable, I could barley walk or sleep, and I wasn’t dialating. Then it took me 38, yes that’s right, 38 hours to barley get dialated to a 6. Then, once I was starting to REALLY feel those lovely contractions, not only was my baby boys’ heart rate dropping every time I had one, but for about 3-4 hours, I wasn’t dialating any more. At this point I was in so much pain, I can’t even explain it! No WORDS could EVER explain those pains! This is what I was told and thought: “as soon as you get to about a 5, we will call the specialist in for your epidural so we can make sure they get here in time. Well, that lovely specialist was running late…….an HOUR LATE!!! Do you know how long 60 minutes REALLY is when you’re in THAT MUCH PAIN?! So by the time the specialist got there I’m at a 6 but feeling like I’m a 20, and the nurses are telling me to use other words because they don’t want me scarying other mothers, and finally I got my epidural. Which she had a hard time placing it in me, and my husband had to sit down because he was turning whiter than casper. I finally started feeling relief from my epidural and then, my strong little boy started kicking my ribs! And some how, I felt just a little above where the epidural stopped blocking the pain. It seriously felt like he was trying to break my ribs!! After all this chaos, I still wasn’t dialating any more, and the Dr. gave us the option to do an emergency c-section. Well we didn’t like how our little dudes heart rate kept going down with every contraction, and I was over being in labor, at 38 hours, so we decided to go for it. Which we are glad we did because we later on found out that his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. But let me tell you what, that was one of the scarriest experiences ever! Some how right when they got me into the surgery room my vein blew so they had to re-set my IV and they for some reason couldn’t find a good vein. Then the surgery began…. I couldn’t feel a thing other than I could kind of tell that my body was being moved around a bit, but then once they had me open I experienced a couple things I would prefer to not experience again! Some of this I can’t remember, but according to my angel of a husband, being such a trooper and staying right by my side through all of this, I only choked for maybe 1 second, but it felt as if the wind had gotten knocked out of me. I also felt a crazy amount of pressure in my shoulders and then I couldn’t breathe. It felt like forever and then I vomited. After that I apparently passed out, then the second I heard my baby boy cry, I woke up! It was the most exhilarating, beautiful, angelic, noise, I’d ever heard. I don’t share this story to scare anyone, but to tell you what could realistically happen. I wish I could have found something like this to open my eyes a little.

Do you have a crazy delivery story? Or did this help you with going to labor and delivery?


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