Naptime Getaway

Let me start off by saying just a quick disclosure, I love my son, adore him, and wouldn’t change my life for the world! That being said, there are just some days where I really look forward to his naptime. It gives me a chance to take a little break or “getaway” from the same cartoons (that I have all the songs memorized to), the same books that he loves read over and over, or those days where you really just can’t comfort him. Take today for example, he’s been fighting a cold or something with a fever, hasn’t been wanting to eat as much as he usually does (which let me tell you, that boy can put away food!). And he has two molars coming in, one on each side. So, long story short, there really was no consoling him this morning. Sometimes he can be a very independent little dude, which I am very thankful for! And today all he wanted, even though I wanted to comfort him and help him feel better, was to be left alone. So I started doing some dishes, and after a couple of minutes, peeked over our kitchen counter to check on him, and found him passed out with his beloved giraffe. Even though I hate to see our little peanut butter (I’ll explain the name in another post, another day) sick, I do have to say that I do take advantage of his naptimes when he’s sick because they usually last 4-5 hours, on a good day that is. Which gives me more time to sew, blog, clean, and cook! I’m sorry you’re not having a good day baby boy, but thank you for the extra time! It’s a nice treat every once in awhile!

What do you enjoy doing during your little ones nap time?


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