A Different “State” Of Mind

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Not as many people live in the same city and or state they were born or grew up in, like they used to years ago. But sometimes family that may still live there or other reasons may bring us back to our “roots.”I grew up and was born in Washington, and had been back and forth with living there and a few other places in the past couple of years. I currently live in southern California, and it’s a bit of a culture shock compared to Washington in more than just the obvious ways like, weather, cost of living, etc. Just recently my husband, son, and I made a trip back up to Washington, and now that I have a kid, there are a lot of new and different things we pay attention to. We were strolling through a local mall and noticed a few different things that we knew we didn’t like about California. One, which is a huge pet peeve of ours, is when you’re walking on the right side of the right hallway in any type of store and someone is coming towards you in what would be considered in America, the wrong way, that person should move out of the way. Am I right?! I mean, you wouldn’t purposefully drive down the wrong side on the freeway right?! We noticed in the mall and even other stores in Washington, that people sub-conciously moved over, but in California, a majority of the people don’t, they expect you to move for them, and if you don’t some of them will straight up mad dog you! Which I feel is just plain rude! Another thing we noticed in Washington that we don’t see or hear down in California, is most parents conversing with their children, and the children replying and also being polite and using their manners toward their parents. Now I’m not saying EVERYONE does or doesn’t do this, it was just a significant amount and noticeable amount more, that were doing this as opposed to not down in California. There were many other things we noticed like this during our trip. It just really got me thinking, these states aren’t that far away and they’re even on the same coast, but there’s just a huge difference in “parenting ways.”.

Do you agree or disagree with this? Have you ever noticed this or the opposite while traveling?


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